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Marketing your business for growth

Our smart, creative marketing, publicity, advertising and web marketing services can help you produce successful selling programs to grow sales and profits.

We're experts in all aspects of marketing and publicity, from designing sound marketing strategies to executing effective promotional programs and tools to differentiate your products and services from competitors.

We know from years of experience what kinds of promotions work best to reach your most receptive audience.

Creating a strong brand is an essential cornerstone of marketing your company and products. It's your "face" to the world. Done well, your brand will become recognizable and preferred over competitors' brands.

It will differentiate your products and services and build customer loyalty. Powerful, bankable brands result from thoughtful, strategic brand planning, exceptional products and services, as well as sharp execution of promotional materials and selling programs. We'll help you create a comprehensive and enduring brand program that will reflect your company's uniqueness and individuality to get you noticed.

Another facet of great marketing is exceptional copywriting. Creating outstanding content is both an art and a science. A powerful message will resonate with your customers and trigger the response you seek. Not every marketer is an exceptional wordsmith. In this business, choosing just the right word is everything. Either the message delivers its punch ... or it does not. It is just that simple, but it is not at all that easy!

Dolan Marketing specializes in extraordinary copy writing services to suit your individual needs, style and purpose. Never again be uneasy or embarrassed by typos, use of the wrong words, run-on sentences, bad punctuation, or spelling and grammatical errors. After all, your own reputation and how your customers perceive you are on the line!

Competitive strategies Brand planning / strategy Press releases
Marketing and PR plans Creative logo design Original news stories
Brand / image development Tagline creation Newsletters and blogs
Sales programs / promotions Business cards Ghost writing
Brochures / sell sheets Stationery Copy editing
Displays and signage Signage Corporate annual reports
Media planning Advertising Business publications

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Gail and I have had the opportunity to work together on several projects. She is a sharp and creative copywriter and experienced PR professional. Gail is a thoughtful, strategic planner and always has her clients' best interests in mind. She is always focused on the task at hand and providing her clients with positive results.

Gail is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone seeking topnotch marketing and pubic relations services.

Kim Smith, Owner
Blue Turtle Graphics
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